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Are you visiting Hawaii for vacation? We can set up GUEST ACCOUNT so you can be connected to internet while you are on vacation.


Check your account online!

Call us: 246.9300, Visit Us : 2950 Kress Street, Lihue, HI 96766,   Email Us: info@hawaiilink.net
240-3224 - Kauai
792-3224 - Oahu
270-3224 - Maui
930-3224 - Big Island
660-3224 - Molokai
568-3224 - Lanai
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info@hawaiilink.net info@hawaiilink.net

Hawaii Link makes DSL easy! To order DSL or the check your line qualification, you may contact us by one of the followings.

Call our office at 808-246-9300
Visit our office at 2950 Kress St Lihue   Map
Fill-out DSL Application and fax to our office at 808-632-0303 or email to info@hawaiilink.net
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 Business DSL Pricing
Access Plan

Speed Level 1year contract required

Hawaii Link Monthly Fee** IP Email Hawaii Link
Hawaiian Telecom Monthly Fee Hawaiian Telecom Setup Fee Estimated Monthly DSL Fee
Biz (A) 768kbps/128kbps $24.95 1 static 6 $25.00 $27.50* $60.00* $52.45*
Biz (B) 1.5mbps/128kbps $28.95 1 static 6 $25.00 $37.50* $60.00* $66.45*
Biz (C) 384kbps/384kbps $32.95 1 static 6 $25.00 $44.00* $60.00* $76.95*
Biz (D) 768kbps/768kbps $54.95 2 static 6 $25.00 $68.00* $60.00* $122.95*
Biz (E) 1.5mbps/384kbps $32.95 1 static 6 $25.00 $37.50* $60.00* $70.45*
Biz (F) 3.0mbps/768kpbs $89.95 1 static 6 $40.00 $129.00* $60.00* $218.95*

* The Hawaiian Telecom fees are based on one year contract and fees will apply to your phone bill. Hawaiian Telecom price may vary and subject to change without notice. Please contact Hawaiian Telecom representative for more details.

** Monthly Fee may vary based on bandwidth usage.

Setup fee will be waived if switching over form other ISPPrices are subject to 4.167% Hawaii State tax.


To connect DSL, you need to have a DSL Modem.

DSL Modem
with 1 year service contract
DSL Modem
No annual contract           

Customize your internet service to fit your needs.

DSL Modem
From $90.00 Technician will come to your business and install DSL modem, configure a computer and setup email.
Additional Email Account
Additional Static IP
Ethernet Card
$25.00/self installation
$35.00/with installation
If your computer does not have Ethernet card, you need install this.
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2950 Kress St, Lihue, HI 96766
Phone: 808.246.9300 Fax: 808.632.0303 E-mail: info@hawaiilink.net

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