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Do you feel your computer performs slower than before? or Is your computer getting many error messages?  Are you getting strange popup advertisement from fake spyware companies?  When was the last time did you scanned your system errors or virus?

Just like a car, your PC needs regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Just bring your PC to Hawaii Link, we will maintenance your system with a wide range of services.

From basic setting up your computer systems to wireless networking. We can help you get the best our of your computing experience.
Many users are experiencing Malware and Spyware attacks to their computer system. When you see unwanted pop-up programs telling you have spyware or that you should pay for optimizing your computer. You may have unknowingly downloaded a "spyware" or "malware" this programs are not true of what they do, theire goal is to get your credit card information which leads to "identity" theaf! 

So, if you think you have this then you need to scan your computer and remove it before it start to damange your computer.  Many times these "make believe" software will self erase it's tracks and take some of your data down with it. So be careful and start protecting your computer now!  

At Hawaii Link we use MalwareBytes' s spyware remover and we have seen many success as it removes the most hard to get rid of malwares and spywares.  So it is one of the top spyware removers I have seen and will recommend highly!   You can download it and try to see if you can remove the spyware yourself.  If not please bring it in to have your computer completely serviced and cleaned out.

For business on the island Kauai that needs special service, please contact John Sydney Yamane directly @ 808-651-7964.

We have been asked about online backup system and we are recommending using MyPCBackup because of it s simplicity and cost.


• Perform full hardware and software diagnostic evaluation
• Update anti-virus and anti-spyware software*
• Complete two scans for removing viruses and spyware
• Install critical Windows® updates
• System optimization
• Clean up System Registry.

* If you do not have any current antivirus program, an additional $45.00 will apply for installing 1-year antivirus subscription

Price starts from a flat rate of either $65.00 for Windows XP or older system and $85 for Vista and Windows 7 System. 

Then if more hours required we charge $10/hour for additional diagnostics.

:: See Complete Computer Service List

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