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Please call 246-9300 for tech support.

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MY DSL not working! I cannot access the Internet. What should I check?


My Internet connection seams slow, what's going on?


I am going on a trip.  How can I check email when I am traveling?


I have a v.90 56kb Modem will I go faster? What's the advantages?


  Start using DSL

See your DSL modem has 3 lights on


Connect to the Internet


If you have email account with Hawaii Link


My telephone has noise since I connected DSL


I have more than one computer.  How can setup DSL with other computer?


  Email Setup

Our Server Information


How to setup Microsoft Outlook Express


How to setup Eudora (pro/lite)


How to setup Netscape email


I forgot my password


  Other Help





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Q: MY DSL not working! I cannot access the Internet. What should I check?


First, check if your DSL modem has 3 lights on.  If not;

1.  Check all of the wire connection between Phone Jack to DSL modem to power supply to your computer.


2.  Completely shout down your computer.  Then unplug DSL Modem power supply.  Waite 10 second.  Plug buck in.  Then re-boot computer.  See if your Modem has 3 lights on at this time. 

If the all 3 rights come back on after you re-boot your computer, you should be able to access Internet.  If still doesn't' have 3 lights on, please call Hawaii Link tech-support staff at 246-9300 for further trouble shooting.


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Q: My Internet connection seams slow, what's going on?


All Internet connections to the World-Wide-Web gets slow when there is Internet Congestion. When too many people are trying to access a server at a same time can cause that server or service to appear slow.  That goes with having too much users trying to get on the system or moving data files at the same time which can overwhelm any network.  The business model of broadband is to share one single high-speed connection to multiple connected users based on users just browsing websites. Websites usually are web pages that are between 50kb - 300kb which should take only take about 2-3 seconds to download and randomly do not take up the entire bandwidth of the ISP. Everyone should expect random slow downs due to erratic usages and over usages by the overall network state.


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