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Whenever you refer a new customer to HawaiiLink, your account will receive a credit of $5.00 after their third month of Internet Service payment!
Tell your friends and family to mention your User Name when signup with HawaiiLink. There are no limits to this referral program, so be sure to mention HawaiiLink to your friends and family!

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Internet Service

Hawaii Link Internet Access services



Unlimited Dial-up
Our state-wide network and high quality connections allows you to link up to the Internet using your computer 56KB Modem and any typical telephone connection.  Hawaii Link Dial-ups will get you online quickly and reliably.


High-speed DSL
For almost 30 times more speed then Dialups we have the state-of-the-art high-speed Digital Subscriber Line (
DSL) system. Which provides Internet connection that is “always on”, so once it is connected there is no need to dial-up to connect to the internet. With DSL, you can also be on the phone at the same time!


Wireless DSL
Those who have 802.11b Wireless Cards in your Laptops or PDAs or live near the Access Points, you can get High-Speed Internet Link! We are building "Hot Spots" Access Point locations all across the State which will allow you to roam and get Internet Access almost anywhere without wires. Please check to see if your area is covered.


Frame-Relay advance internet access
Frame Relay service provides your serious business with a dedicated Internet access on Hawaii Link’s fast, reliable network


Guest (visitors) Account
If you are traveling in and around Hawaii, we can set up a State-Wide Guest Dialup Account for you! Starting only at $10.


Internet Service Sign-up Information
Visit our Online Sign-up page and get connected today!




why HawaiiLink should be your Internet Service Provider?



We are a locally owned and operated ISP with the most friendly and Personal Customer Care support
Since we are based here in Hawaii we work very close to our customers. This way we can easily solve and satisfy many of the difficult technical questions.  Not-like ISPs where their services is outsourced to a Mainland answering staff who don't have the patients to help anyone out. Experience our one-to-one personal friendly and locally based customer support.


Reliable and High-Speed Internet Network
 Our system network is designed over GTE/ Verizon's most advance Frame-Relay and ATM Internet Access which have guarantee uptime of 99.9%. Our Network Operation Center is located in Oahu and is part of Pihana's Data Center the most advance Internet Exchange Hub in Hawaii and part of the largest in the world


Total System Assistance Service is available
 If your computer system or network has a problem and need help with connection and setup? We have services available such as; onsite installation, office networking, computer repair, and re-configuration.


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