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How Can I speed-up my connection?


Does more RAM speed up my computer?

Yes and No. The bad news is that more RAM does not increase the Speed of your computer processor.

However, it does improve the speed of the computer processing.

The good new is that more RAM does improve the efficiency of your Computer operations. More RAM will allow you to run more Programs simultaneously such as having your email program up, Excel spreadsheet running, and Internet Explorer all up at the same time you are playing MP3 Music thru your Real Audio player. Having more RAM will make your computer more powerful. Windows and more advance Operating systems have a memory feature called Caching which treat extra memory as an extension to your hard drive which speeds up the file management system up to 100% efficiency.  That's why more RAM does speed up even the biggest action computer games.


Can I upgrade the CPU of my computer?

Yes and No. The bad news is that most computer mother boards was designed especially for that specific processors manufacture so you cannot upgrade and interchange processor with any mother board. There are mother boards that automatically configures its self for a particular processor and up to a certain speed. So many mother board have an obsolete limit built in.

 However, some mother board manufacture



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Do you feel your computer performs slower than before?
Is your computer getting many error messages?
When was the last time did you scanned your system error?

As with all appliances, computers need regular health check-ups and need regular maintenance. Your computer requires regular maintenance to have best performance.

Call Hawaii Link today (246-9300) to make appointment for your computer check-up. Contact us for business/office computer maintenance service quote.


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bulletCheck and remove Virus
bulletRemove computer bugs, Trojan & spyware
bulletMaximize disc space
bulletClean cache memories
bulletDiagnose & Fix error files




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