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What is Spam?

Spam is basically unwanted or solicited bulk email from people you don't know. Spam originate from a sender who wants to send solicitations of products and services. They are usually agents of affiliation trying to make money by hit rates and commission from the receivers of these emails messages. Spamming is a businesses and that is why we have spam.


Why call it SPAM? 

The coin word actually came from the can food Spam. Which you could interpret as something that is cheap, easy to make, that is so many of them in all the supermarkets and mostly not everyone likes them. Today Spam is best known as an acronym to unwanted bulk email (UBE).


How do spammers get my email address? 

Spammers are smart and becoming more aware of email filters and spam blockers.  In the beginning sending mass emails to everyone was a built-in feature of the Internet Email system. System administrators then blocked out that feature and the spammers started to generate emails using name lists and dictionary names and applying & verifying them to every domain. Which was time consuming and could easily be traced to who sent the spam.  Now they are writing "Trojan scripts" that runs when you visit websites which collects your email info and they can actually send the spam email which will originate from you!  This makes you and everyone else a spammer to others. Lots of mockup search, agent sites, adult websites have those codes.


  How to stop Spam?

In order to stop unwanted bulk email or Spam we first need to understand the basic electronic mail architecture.  Since E-Mail addresses are simple and easy to make. Email=Name+Domain

You could easily guess an email address and chances are that you would be able to find someone who will receive your email. When bulk E mailers start to abuse the system it becomes a menace. Which means your ISP or IT person would have a very difficult task to fix this problem on the delivery side of the system. Unless they read each and every email that goes thru which would be illegal and pose a serious privacy and rights issue. Laws are now in the works to band and make people who spam illegal.

The problem still exist and growing. So it is now laid down to the end user or recipient of the email address to combat their email problems. 

Lots of email programs like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora Pro, has customizable rules that allow you to filter out mail by words. But this method is not effective when bulk emails is not just adult porn or Viagra, sexual nature messages. You need to have a filter program to analyze the email content to basically learn what is good and what is bad. To many people it can vary greatly. So we have found SpamBully! It is based on this 'paradox of the irrelevant disjunction' rules and is the most effective way to filter out 99% of Spam.




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Today, junk mail (SPAM) is a very challenging issue for high-tech industry.
Hawaii Link has been filtering many known “bad” spam on our mail server every day. However, not all of mass mail is spam and it is impossible for us to determine which email messages are unwanted messages for each user. To clean out spam, you must have your customized programmed filter.


Hawaii Link has tested many spam filters on the market and we found SPAMBULLY as the most easiest to use and with built-in auto learning filtering capabilities.

To test how it works download SPAMBULLY for a 14 days trial and you can see how great this works. Or you may pickup a copy of the trial CD at Hawaii Link office.

We hope your will see how easy to remove spam form your inbox!

bullet Download SPAMBULLY Free Trial now!


  If you are using MS Outlook or Outlook Express, you can setup rule manually.

Here’s how to setup Outlook:

1. Open Outlook.
2. Go to the Menu bar, choose “Tools > Rule Wizard”.
3. In Rule Wizard, click “New”.
4. Create new rule as follows: “Start from blank rule > Check messages when they arrive”.
5 Place a check mark on “with specific word in the subject”
6. Click on “specific word” and type the following words: “Your details” (then click “Add”), “My details” (then click “Add”), “Your application” (click “Add” again, and so on with the following phrases) “Wicked screensaver”, “That movie”, “Approved”, “Details”, “Thank you!”, "Viagra", "sex", "Mortgage", "Penis", "Medication", etc.
7. Click “Next”.  The next question is “what do you want to do with the message?”. Check mark on “delete it”.
8. Click “Next”.  Next question is “Add any exceptions?”. Check mark on “expect if from people or distribution list”.
9. Click the words “people or distribution list” and add all of your contacts from your address book.
10. Click “Next”.  Check mark on “Turn on this rule” and click “Finish”

Here’s how to setup Outlook Express:

1 Open Outlook Express.
2. Go to “Tools > Message Rule” and select “Mail”.
3. Check mark on “Where the Subject line contains specific word”.
4. Click the words “specific word’ and type the following words: “Your details” (then click “Add”), “My details” (then click “Add”), “Your application” (click “Add” again, and so on with the following phrases) “Wicked screensaver”, “That movie”, “Approved”, “Details”, “Thank you!”, "Viagra", "sex", "Mortgage", "Penis", "Medication", etc.
5. Check mark on “Delete it”.
6. Type in the name of the rule “SoBig Virus Spam”
7. Click OK. 




:: Sophisticated bayesian spam filter. (Filters over 99% of spam)
Spam Bully uses a sophisticated bayesian spam filter based on over 35,000 spam messages. It then uses a self learning filter which learns from every new message received and sent enabling it to conform to your email habits. The more email you send and receive the more accurate Spam Bully becomes. This all happens naturally in the background with no interaction on your part.

:: Bounces messages from known spammers.
Auto bounce known spam messages, so over time you are automatically removed from many spam lists. Spammers think they no longer have a valid email address and will remove you and stop trading your address with other spammers.

:: Query questionable emails.
For email messages that SpamBully can't determine if they are legitimate, it will send out a special message with a unique password in it. Since most spammers use automated systems, they will not respond to this message. However, a legitimate email user will respond and correctly input the password. The user is then either automatically added to your accepted users or you can approve each user that has responded to Spam Bully's query successfully.

:: Friends/Spammers List Protection.
Spam Bully also has a Friends/Spammers list so it doesn't accidentally block emails from known friends. It also automatically blocks any spammers who have sent you spam in the past.

:: Attachment Blocking. (provides virus protection)
We've also added attachment blocking which helps to prevent the spread of viruses. Remember, many viruses are spread to you through people you know and attachment blocking helps prevent your computer from becoming infected (Outlook Version Only)

:: Compatible with Outlook and Outlook Express.
There is no need to learn a new email program. Spam Bully integrates directly into your mail client.

:: Comprehensive spam reporting graphs.
The reporting feature allows you to see exactly how effective Spam Bully is for you. It provides you with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly graphs of its spam fighting activities.

:: Fully customizable to your individual needs.
Almost every feature is fully customizable so you can adjust Spam Bully to suit your own needs.






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