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Are you visiting Hawaii for vacation? We can set up GUEST ACCOUNT so you can be connected to internet while you are on vacation.


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Call us: 246.9300, Visit Us : 2950 Kress Street, Lihue, HI 96766,   Email Us: info@hawaiilink.net
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A web site is more than a part of your business plan. It's an important service that today's consumers expect. We are experts in website planning, design, and hosting.  In today's connected world a website presence is very important to promote your business. It allows customers to find you on the Internet as they search and lookup your business to see what you have to offer.   A website is the modern way to legitimize your business to a wider audience.

To start building your website you first need to understand some of the basic technologies is used to build websites.  There are 3 ways:  Static websites (hand coded) 2nd: Custom Programming and 3rd CMS (content management system) or Database driven. It all start by your choice of the look and design type.  There are so many difference designs templates that are proven to make the online website useful, easy to look and use, this is where we will help guide you to find an appropriate style and customize it to fit your company and functions.


A website is like a 24/7 full color brochure, so your site have to look good and allow enough features to get useful information about you easily. We also can guide you to more amazing developing using Microsoft Azure and Google Apps for your venture into cloud computing.

Web Hosting

There are many types of Content Management System that you can use to create your website without hand coding or having html knowledge. We will be able to work with you to test the different type of CMS system that you feel comfortable working in as well as demo to see and learn about the features.  Once we find the CMS engine we can work with choosing a template and customization.  

Today's website are becoming more interactive with real-time forum and news feed.  And including social networking modules to allow like minded customers to practically hang out on your website.  We are now working with Online Internet Marketing Technologies that allow you to make money online using your own custom Blogging site and expanded Marketing Graphics that you can download and try. There is also new tools connect your Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin account to your site, etc.  Contact John at 246-9300 for more information about developing your online presence.

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